The Dirty Feathers - Midnight Shakes (Album)

I love getting good music from bands I never heard before, it always puts me in such a good mood. Thankfully, The Dirty Feathers are one of those bands whose opening track immediately made create this post. That was all it took, just one track. I knew I would enjoy the rest and I did. They are a five-piece psychedelic/garage rock band from Champaign, IL and they released their debut album, Midnight Shakes, this past October. Once you put this record on or hit play below, you won't want to stop until the last second and then you might just hit repeat. The rock keeps grinding away through each track and although there are other bands like The Dirty Feathers, none are doing it quite as good. Think White Stripes, The Black Keys, and add some hard rock, that is The Dirty Feathers. Listen below.

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