(New) Dntel - "Bright Night" & "Still"

Somehow I missed a new track from one of my favorite electronic artists, Dntel, back in March.  Jimmy Tamborello, the man behind the Dntel name and also one half of the Postal Service, dropped the new track "Bright Night" off of his upcoming album--and his first new release since 2007--Aimlessness, due out June 5 via Pampa.  Tamborello dropped another new track earlier this week too, called "Still", a collaboration with California-based beatmaker Baths who garnered a lot of buzz in 2010 for his debut album Cerulean.  Dntel has always been a collab-happy project and Baths isn't the only collaboration featured on Aimlessness.  The album is also to feature help from Nite Jewel and Baths own side project, Geotic.  Listen and download "Bright Night" below and listen to "Still" [ft. Baths] here.


 Dntel - "Bright Night"


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