Video: Alabama Shakes - "Hold On"

We all know the reasons why bands get "buzz", they've either got a "fresh new sound" or an interesting back story or something else quirky about them.  And after listening to one song or reading one blog post about Alabama Shakes it's easy to see which one of those reasons they fall under.  "Fresh new sound" rarely ever means a band is making music that's unlike anything that's ever been heard before; they're just making something that hasn't been popular for awhile, and they do it in a newer, probably catchier way, making it trendy.  Alabama Shakes are doing exactly that with the old blues rock sound, and a lot of people are liking it, me included.  And their singer is a buzz-worthy female because she can howl like Howlin' Wolf and emote like Jack White.  Sometimes buzz can get out of hand, and I don't understand why some bands get so much of it, but this I can understand, they deserve it.  I just hope that they continue to get it and people don't forget about them by this time next year.  Watch the video for their song "Hold On" below, and see their talent for yourself.  Also, note that the drummer's sweatshirt is awesome.



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