Cam Meekins - :) :/ :( [Free Album]

Well, this is the kind of hip hop I tend to not really post because I'm not into the whole "Frat Rap" scene, however, I think Boston's Cam Meekins can balance it well between that style and regular hip hop. The 19 year is on the rise and he has a pretty wild flow, so after listening to a few tracks I decided to share his brand new free album :) :/ :(. This marks his first project in over a year after taking a break, but I think it is a good he returned. After going through most of the tape, I found that Meekins is also pretty versatile from track to track, which makes me think he might be able to shake the "Frat Rap" stereotype.  Listen and download to the album below, plus check out his video for the wonderfully titled, "#FuckYoBitch."



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