Jay Electronica - "Dear Moleskine (Big Two-Hearted Remix)" ft. Big2soul

My friends in experimental electronic band Big Two-Hearted recently did a remix of "Dear Moleskine" by the great Jay Electronica.  The remix was sort of inspired by my raving about the song in the recent #NP post I did, but these guys have been into Jay Electronica for awhile now.  I love this song, as you know if you read that post, and I'm really enjoying their take on it.  As is their usual style with remixes, they subtly add some things to make the song sound other-worldly and heavier.  They tweak Just Blaze's excellent production on the track and make it hit in a different way and I think they even add some weight to what Jay E is saying in his verse through their production.  Big2soul also adds a nice verse on the end that fits in well with the song's message.  Listen to the remix below.



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