Video: Sebastian Blake - "Red Underwear"

So... an average young man walks onto a double-decker one fine, sunny English day. He sits down, waiting for the driver to press on, and pulls out his guitar. Before you know it, a voice so shockingly not what you expected falls from his lips and he's opining the beauty of a lovely young lady's... red panties...? SIGN ME UP!

Sebastian Blake is another from my never-ending list of British vocalists who have managed to completely shock the hell out of me, making music that's irreverent, original, and incredibly surprising. "Red Underwear" takes the pick-up line to a whole new level and the video is so simple and off to the left, it makes me wonder what would have happened if I had decided to board that bus. Scratch that, I know what would have happened. I would've ended up in his flat sipping something strong and waiting for round two... just sayin'.

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