The Essential e-dubble Tunes

Let's face it EVERY e-dubble tune is essential to any music fans collection, especially if you love your hip hop with different vibes. When I started this blog in November 2010, little was known about e-dubble and his music was only selected by few bloggers to be shared. But within a few months, he was amassing posts on every major blog, Youtube videos of his songs were getting thousands of plays (Some approaching 1 Million currently), his social media began poppin', and his downloads of songs, mixtapes, etc. were reaching new heights. After taking the last few months off, the Philly native and Baltimore resident returned with "Honors Bio." Word on the street is he has a brand new video coming out this Summer, as well as a new EP.

This is the Summer that he takes over and runs the world. If you'd like to learn some more about e-dubble, we interviewed him a few months back so definitely check that out here.

So, in order to get you ready for all the freshness that this rapper/producer is going to be sharing this Summer, I decided to list some of his essential songs that any fan or new listener needs to hear. Obviously as I mentioned before, all of his songs should be in your collection, but for those who are more selective of tracks or are new to his music, these tracks are it. I tried to represent a good mix here of his older stuff, maybe from his Freestyle Friday series, to his random singles, or songs off mixtapes. Most of these songs are free to download, but for the ones that aren't please check them out on iTunes and support good music.



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