Big Two-Hearted - Undefined EP (Album Stream)

Here's the new EP, Undefined, from my friends in western PA experimental electronic project Big Two-Hearted.  I can honestly say that this is the best work these guys have done to date.  All of their music up to this point exists in its own world, and this EP while taking you further into that world, is their most cohesive and accessible release to date.  It's five instrumental, beat-based songs that sound nothing like anything you've heard before and it's a very addicting listen.  Undefined incorporates their penchant for slow, dreamlike percussive builds and field recordings that transport you to an entirely different place when you listen.  Each song reaches a point of self-sustained euphoria before coming down in beautiful deconstruction, or sometimes just falling apart into near chaos like on the track "BNEW".  It has a live, lo-fi feel to it that makes you feel like they had a lot of fun making the music.  It's a peaceful, flowing album that is good from beginning to end, and I hope you enjoy it.  Listen below.



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