Slightly Stoopid - "Top of the World"

Probably my all-time favorite band is Slightly Stoopid. I've been a fan of the reggae, rock, hip hop, acoustic blend since Sublime took over the world in the early 90's, which then led me to Slightly Stoopid. I currently have every track they've made available in my iTunes, and I probably listen to their music a few times a week.

Besides the awesome music, Stoopid built their massive following off relentless touring schedules and word of mouth, which led them to full creative control. That is DIY at it's best, and these guys show no sign of slowing down. I've also been waiting patiently since 2007 for their follow-up album and any sign of new music, and yesterday, "Top of the World" was released. This is the title track of their new album out August 14th, so mark your calendars.



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