Balto - Monuments (EP)

Indie/folk group Balto returns with a new body of work called Monuments, which is a follow-up EP to their debut album from last year Octobers Road. The project started out as Daniel Sheron's idea, but quickly grew into a much bigger thing, thanks to the great songwriting and catchy tunes.  Now with a full band, they are expanding their sound to something even greater. As Sheron mentioned about the EP: "Monuments was tracked live in an old re-purposed church near Woodstock, NY over three days in June - we hung big drums from the ceilings, we filled wooden rafters with wavering organs, we stayed awake day and night and half of us got salmonella, all to make the best record we could." Not only can you feel the passion in the record, but from the statement about their recording process. Stream it below and make sure you buy it if you like what you hear.



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