Bill Ding & Kool A.D. - "Hypersensitive Jester"

How can you not love Das Racist member Kool A.D.'s laid back, sarcastic flow? The shit is too chill sometimes, but it helps when he ends up on a beat like this with some jazzy feel. He is featured on this new song called "Hypersensitive Jester" with Bill Ding and producer Steel Tipped Dove. I think the Soundcloud description describes this track just right:

"Damn you know, I can kinda relate to that title. I'm sure a lot of you can. Being funny and being capable of entertaining others through humor is largely dependent upon a keen sensitivity. Kool AD slides through with his now-trademarked version of free disassociation that is certainly largely dependent on a hypersensitive jester type thing. Bill Ding slides through with his version of free disassociation too, painting a clear picture of what goes down with no real regard for which way is up. Steel Tipped Dove completes this trio escapade providing a beat that is very groove heavy, with potent vibes of chill shooting out in every direction. Like a big cloud of cool, this thing is shocking yall from above, hittin you in the medula-whatever-whatever with a potent dose of quit-thinkin-you-know-what's-comin-next and relax and enjoy the music."



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