Rae Cassidy - "Come Back"

If you recall, back in March I wrote an artist profile about Milwaukee-based singer/songwriter Rae Cassidy and my discovery that she has been working on new music after keeping a low profile for a few years.  It looks like her career has really taken off in 2012.  After releasing the awesome EP, Beneath the Cassidy Tree, earlier this year, Rae is now preparing to release her debut album, Cave Ghosts, and she dropped the first single last week.  She has also relocated to NYC, according to her twitter.

The first thing you'll notice when listening to "Come Back" is the improved production quality from all of her previous material.  It really slaps you in the face.  Her voice sounds incredible and she's surrounded by a full-fledged orchestra that ebbs and flows perfectly with the song.  Rae's self-harmonizing is at it's very best and she's definitely improved as a singer.  You'll notice that when she starts belting it out in the song's second half.  All that being said, I'm not sure if I like this song as much as her older material.  The epic romanticism is still there and it's awesome to hear her voice with this quality production, but she's lost some of her experimental edge that I enjoyed so much.  With that gone, her music loses some of its mystery and it doesn't stand out as much from other artists in her niche.  But, this song does seem to be growing on me, so I'm undecided.  Not to mention the rest of the album could be very different from this first single.  Either way, stay tuned to Rae Cassidy and expect big things from her in the future.



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