Unsigned Friday: Jecht Rye

Ah, yes it has been quite some time since I posted and Unsigned Friday artist, but I thought it was time to return to it. I've had a lot of submissions, most of which were deleted because people STILL do not follow directions. One day everyone will, but for now check out Jecht Rye below.

Who: I'm a 22 year old pianist and producer, and I go by the name Jecht Rye. My real name's Matt though, if you'd like some human context. My Gran taught me the piano, and my cousin taught me what Hip Hop was from the age of, well, I have no idea; I was pretty young. At the minute I'm a concert venue barman and finishing up a master's degree, but all I want to do is this music so I'm constantly working on turning it into something self-sustainable.

What: My central tendency is some kind of instrumental, electronic Hip Hop that I think has a kind of Nu-Jazz sensibility. I guess something characteristic of my music (relative to the genre, at least) is that I don't sample, which isn't to say I'm against it, only that I've never done it; I've always just written things.

When: This is tricky. I've been writing music from the age of 17, so since 2007, but playing the piano on and off since I was about 8 (I fell out with it a lot). At the minute I'm working on a collaborative album with a guitarist and singer friend of mine, that we will hopefully have finished early next year. Apart from that I have a beat-tape for any prospective rappers planned, as well as a solo EP. I can't be sure of the release date for either of them, but let's say next year. I periodically throw up remixes and other random tracks to Soundcloud too.

Where: Manchester, UK, from birth.

Why: Because I love music and hope to contribute something worthwhile to it.

Biggest Moment: I'm not sure I've had one yet, but it's always encouraging when artists I look up to hear my music and like it.

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