As I Am - "Real Magic Time"

As I Am is the new moniker of the western PA experimental artist Big Two-Hearted.  It's been awhile since I've posted anything on this mysterious artist/project, but lately he's been dropping a lot of new demo tracks on his soundcloud.  While these demos are lo-fi, the production is decent and it seems with the name-change he is taking things in a new direction.  The tracks are even more experimental than before containing other-worldly percussion sounds, lots of ambience and unexpected changes that will throw you for a loop.  The latest of these tracks, called "Real Magic Time" is my favorite.  On the title, As I Am says, "My definition of 'real magic' is when you actually find an answer to a spiritual or metaphysical question you've been pondering for some time.  I call Autumn 'real magic time' because this is when that magic tends to occur for me.  This song is a musical representation of 'real magic time' and what 'real magic' feels like."

This track has a very chill vibe and the field recording in the background adds an in-nature feeling to it, perfect for listening to on a beautiful fall day.  I know a lot about this artist, but I'm not permitted to give out too much information yet.  I will say that he is hard at work on his debut album and to expect another release from him in the next few months.




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