Bago - Sunday's Best (Mixtape)

Back in late Summer, Complex Magazine did an interesting interview on a somewhat unknown Los Angeles singer named Bago, who had a damn good voice (Read here). Since then, her profile as an artist and  her song collection has grown with a nice set of R&B jams. During that interview, I was really intrigued by who she was and the excellent music, that I wanted to post up. Well, that was near the end of August and guess who forgot? Yup, me. Luckily I was on Earmilk yesterday (go check them out, awesome site) and there was Bago's name with the song, "I Forget You." I nearly lost my shit because I remember all about her and wanting to post, but had completely forgotten. Sort of ironic to the song title that reminded me about Bago, huh?

Anyway, although this is two months old, I'm sure many of you have not discovered the great music that is Bago and her mixtape Sunday's Best. This tape was produced by The Hundreds' rapper/producer Alexander Spit, who creates a bass heavy and dark atmosphere for Bago to use her powerful and soulful voice. Stream and download the tape below.



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