Fresh Threads: LRG

While music is absolutely my focus on this site and always has been my main interest in life, streetwear and clothing has been sort of another interest of mine. Lately, I've been thinking that the music we tend to post really connects well with many of the clothing brands I like and/or tend to wear. So once a week, I'd like to do a Fresh Threads piece on a brand of clothing that I not only love, but think people really need to get behind and support. Some of these brands might already be well known, others might be upcoming brands that are doing big things. For this first one, I decided to write about quite possibly one of the best brands around currently, Lifted Research Group, or LRG.

LRG is an urban clothing line that started over 10 years ago, but in the past few years really gained popularity in the skate/snowboard and hip hop communities. The clothing line has expanded into accessories and their website even features a lot of music. They also continue to push the boundaries of what defines urban wear and their stuff is always fresh. You can take a look at a few pics of the LRG style below, but they also released the Fall 2012 Lookbook, which you can take a gander at right here. You can also check out them out on Karmaloop.

Connect with LRG: Facebook | Twitter | Website


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