#NP: Tame Impala - "Be Above It" (The Spastik Acperience by Four Floors Of Whores)

Are you above it?  I'm above it.  This song is above it.  If you're not above it, you can get above it by listening to this song.  It is one hell of a good time.  It's a remix of the opening track from Tame Impala's great sophomore album, Lonerism (which you should definitely check out if you haven't already).  Actually, it's more of a mashup, but I'm not talking the usual two-pop-songs-you-would-never-expect-to-go-together-but-it's-so-cool-they-do-just-listen-to-it mashup that your buddy's annoying ex-girlfriend would always play (I'm speaking from a personal experience I had with this song).  This "Spastik Acperience" is three great acid house tracks layered on top of an already excellent and up-lifting pop song to make something that is truly transcendent.  Seriously, you'll feel like you are flying during the seven minute and 42 second run-time, and then you'll promptly hit play again.

The mix is by Four Floors Of Whores a trio of DJs/Producers/Artists from London who have some serious skills and an awesome name.  It is also a sampler of their upcoming mix for the Irish-based mix series called Off The Record which I will definitely post when it drops.  For now, we have this excellent gem to listen to and more to look forward to from these guys.  So go ahead and be above it now.




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