#NP: Tito Lopez - "The Blues"

It's another Monday and even though it's a holiday for us in the States, many of us still are working. Even if you aren't at your job, Monday's generally suck. So a fitting song to the day, but also one that has been stuck in my head since I heard it last week is "The Blues" by upcoming rapper Tito Lopez. Things are looking good for this Mississippi native who is signed to Capitol Records and gotten the endorsement of Dr. Dre, Sha Money XL and the Dungeon Family, and he has worked with platinum producers on his debut album (which is in the process of wrapping up).

What stands out about this first single is the southern twang it has to the beat, along with a nice bass line. This is one of those songs that each time it comes on you can't help but crank the volume to the highest level. Yet, the beat is only part of it as Lopez has a smooth flow and pumps out some bars about having the blues. It is something we can all relate to and once that chorus kicks, you won't be able to help yourself from singing along. Although this is a #NP post, there is already an official video so watch and listen below.



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