Soda Fabric - "Antonia"

I really do wonder sometimes where a lot of these bands come up with their names, and Soda Fabric was one that stood out in my email. The only hard part with emails with band names like that, is well they tend to not be very good. But, I give everything a listen and I was pleasantly surprised with the surf-pop, rock, garage sound that Soda Fabric delivered on "Antonia." It's a fun, upbeat sounding song and I'll be interested to hear some more from the Atlantis band. Oh and this line in the email got me to smile a bit:  "Why should you press play and listen to us? Cause you're handsome and it'll make your day better." But I have to agree, the song did make my day better. Stream the song below.



Loved it!! eresistable
you should go on a world wide tour!
you will be HUGE!

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