Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Documentary

I initially wrote off Seattle rapper Macklemore, which was truly a mistake on my part because he makes solid music with plenty of meaning behind each one of his tunes. If you are not a believer in him, then I suggest reconsidering and watching this new documentary about him and his producer Ryan Lewis. What makes this pair interesting is they sold 70k units of their most recent album, The Heist, which was released as an independent, no label behind it. Yet, that is only part of why you should respect these guys as there hustle and work ethic is truly one of a kind. The documentary really gets behind the scenes to where you get to know these guys and you'll feel a new level of respect for them.  Jabari Johnson is behind the camera and traveled to Seattle to interview the pair and get to be on set for their "Thrift Shop" video. Really interesting stuff, watch below.



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