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It has been a long time since I did an Artist profile on a band, but after watching Twenty One Pilots open Saturday night for Circa Survive, I knew I had to share these guys with you. The band is a duo comprised of singer, piano player, & songwriter Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun who hail from Columbus, Ohio. The pair is signed to Fueled By Ramen, but prior to this performance I witnessed that night I never heard of these guys. Yet, they clearly have a pretty solid following with over 25k likes on Facebook, and a decent amount of views on their Youtube account.

Now, there is no one way to describe their sound although they label it Schizoid Pop, which might be the best way to label it. Think Matt & Kim and their energy, but if they drank a case of redbull and sprinkled in genres like electronic, hip hop, and alternative. As I was waiting for Circa, these guys took the stage with skeleton masks on and Tyler Joseph proceeds to say, "We like to get a bit weird." Then some dark, Gothic type electronic beat kicked in and I was like what is going on. By the audiences faces, the ones who never heard of them, they shared the same look. Yet, the song quickly escalated into some fast spitting words and then an explosion of drums. Then the tempo changed dramatically into a fun, poppy, and energetic jam as they ripped off their skeleton masks. I was fucking hooked. The whole crowd went wild and you can tell this was a band that people were going to connect with. Josh Dun hits the drums hard but kicks some fresh beats, standing up occasionally and attacking the cymbals. While this goes on, Joseph is running around, playing on the keyboard, then hops on top of his piano.

From that song on, they never let up with their energy and keeping the crowd engaged. Yet, the energy is only a piece because the music needs to be at the same level, and it certainly is. These guys won me over in one performance and I think this has been happening a lot to them as of lately. Joseph hit every note even after running around like a nut and did it while playing piano, keyboard, ukulele, keytar (Yup a damn keytar), and even did a drum battle with Dun during the last song. Dun also did a backflip off the piano. Granted this was at small college gymnasium, when I looked up some of their live videos they can get even more elaborate. Twenty One Pilots are a duo you not only need to listen to, but definitely see live. Their debut album Vessels will be out January 8th, but you can pre-order right here.

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