As In We - As It Should Be (EP)

Post-rock bands have always been near the top of my list of favorite genres, at one point a few years back it is all I really listened to. A band from New Mexico called As In We started getting attention and had opened up for a sold out Smashing Pumpkins concert, which is sure to get you some serious positive exposure. Yet, when you listen to this band, they have some slow build-ups, to than an explosive sound of heavy guitar and thundering drums. But they can also get more intricate with a mix of math-rock and experimental. Each song has numerous varying tempos and it gives these songs that much more substance, plus each track from their EP As It Should Be has quite the lengthy song time, with only one of the six being under 8 minutes. It actually reminds me a bit like Explosions in the Sky, but there are still noticeable differences that make these guys a really great listen. Stream their EP below.

Via Earmilk



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