e-dubble - Reset (EP Stream)

After taking a few months off, we knew rapper/producer e-dubble would return in full glory. The other day he released a new song called "Cycles of Nightmares (Let It Go)" in anticipation of his new EP Reset, which is out today (Snag it here). But the Baltimore resident decided to let it stream for fans and newbies to his music alike to listen, and I also noticed he linked up with a favorite of mine Jhameel. Below is what e-dubble had to say about the EP:

"At some point, everyone wishes for a clean slate. A chance to start over, to be absolved of regret, to put hindsight and wisdom to good use. Things aren’t in black and white, there are many shades of grey. Things are not absolute. For every right and wrong there exists an extenuating circumstance to shift your judgement. Ultimately to open up our minds to new possibilities, we have to “Reset.”



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