Interview: Meg Myers

While the music industry is filled with tons of great female singers, there are not as many that truly can captivate a listener on another level. By this I mean artists like Fiona Apple, St. Vincent, and Lykke Li all have, besides great music, an alluring personality that reflects through the songs. We need more of this and it is continuing to grow. One rising star with these traits is artist Meg Myers who hails from Tennessee, but currently resides in Los Angeles. I have posted a few things of hers before including the EP Daughter in the Choir and her excellent video for the single, "Curbstomp." Yet, I wanted to know a bit more about the singer.

I read on your website besides singing that you play piano, guitar, and bass. When did you learn to play these instruments and do you tend to play them when you record?  
I started messing around on piano and bass when I was about 12, and picked up guitar at 13. I love to write on them and sometimes I play them on recordings and sometimes live, mix it up.

When did you decide to pursue a career in music? Why?  
When I was little I danced and put on plays for my family. so I always loved performing. But when I started doing music, right away it felt like the best way for me to express myself, the easiest way. Especially the dark side. It was just something I knew I wanted to do so early on and I always did it..I couldn't stop and so at 20 I packed up my car and drove to LA to do it for real.

What has been the most difficult aspect of getting your music heard?  
Thanks to Doctor Rosen Rosen's collaborative/writer/producer/ and many other skills, it hasn't been too difficult.

What has been a surprising moment in your music career so far?  
Well, at my last couple shows there were fans singing along to all my songs. I still can't believe it.

If you had to describe your sound to someone, what would you tell them?  
Yikes... still working on that. Alternative rock/pop? A modern Nirvana meets a modern Fiona apple.

Who are some of the artists/bands that influence you or maybe ones that inspire you?  
There are so many. It changes for me constantly. I love every genre of music. Right now I'm listening to Enya, Depeche Mode, Harry Nilsson, Vast, John Frusciante, Bon Iver, Grimes, Alt-J and Heart. I grew up listening to a lot of Sting and Dire Straights.

You had the opportunity to perform on Last Call with Carson Daly, that seems like a pretty cool experience and great chance to be heard by new people. How was that for you as an upcoming artist?  
It was great. Everybody was fun to work with. The interview was pretty nerve wracking for me, but I'm learning. I think i just need to breath more.

What is one thing fans may not know about you?  
I like to wear men's boxer briefs to bed. i stole a bunch from my ex boyfriend when I moved out. they are so comfy.

Any new upcoming projects and/or tours?  
Hoping to do some west coast tours in a couple months, new songs coming out real soon too. Stay tuned.

Besides music, what is one thing you wouldn't be able to live without?  

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