Leonard Friend - "Middle of the Night"

Leonard Friend is a new fresh face to this site, but this is what we are all about -- welcoming new faces. Friend is a LA based, NY bred R&B/Pop singer who was formally in the indie band The XYZ Affair. But alas, that group disbanded in 2010 which left Friend (real name Alex Feder) wondering what to do. He moved from NY to LA and reinvented his name and sound. Feder studied Jazz guitar at NYU Music School and when he's not making his unique blend of R&B/Pop, he's playing guitar in Enrique Iglesia's touring band, most recently opening for Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Feder plays almost all of the instruments on his records and produces everything himself, so that to me is already a plus. One of his latest singles although it came out two months ago is "Middle of the Night," and is an extremely catchy tune. You can stream it below and download a free copy.



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