#NP: Atreyu - "The Crimson "

Back in the early to mid 2000's, when pop/punk was sort of starting to fade out a bit (really unfortunate), metalcore and hardcore bands were starting to become the new thing. Bands like Underoath, Senses Fail, and all sorts of screamo bands were taking charge, but to me none did it as good as Atreyu. Now I can't exactly lump Atreyu with the screamo bands, but the formula was similar with screeching yells and melodic singing. I used to hate when people were against screaming in songs, it is part of the art and as a different depth to the music, but it also has to be done right.

One of my standout tracks from Atreyu is their song "The Crimson," which is what really started to break them out into some serious notoriety. The single was off their 2004 record, The Curse, which still stands as one of their best records in my book. Although their debut was solid and their follow-up to The Curse was quite polished, this was the record that made me a fan. The song starts out with a nice guitar riff and the heavy growls roll in, which I remembered first overwhelmed me when I discovered this song. Yet, as the chorus kicks in with the perfect melodic touch, it is hard not to sing along and feel the emotion. As soon as you are hooked into that, the contradicting screams take you to a dark side. Obviously, if you are not as open minded with music, or appreciate the screaming, then you'll automatically hate this track. But as this song appeared on my iPod the other day, I though about how much I used to listen to this back over 8 years ago. Listen to the song below and watch the video that goes with it.



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