#NP: Incubus - "Pardon Me"

It's been a pretty shitastic (Shit + Fantastic) day so far. Not only is it cold after a gorgeous day yesterday, but it's rainy and gloomy out. Not that this should surprise me on a November day in good ole' Pennsylvania, but one thing that cheers me up is good music. Lately, I've been breaking out music I listened to religiously back in high school so 6-7 years ago (damn I'm getting old). I'm talking bands like Atreyu, Brand New, The Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, Killswitch Engage, and Incubus. Of course I never lost my love for these bands, but I don't necessarily put their music on my playlists as much.

Yet, today Incubus really struck a chord with me, especially the amazing song "Pardon Me." This single was on their breakout album Make Yourself released back in 1999, which had the song that I think almost everyone knows, "Drive." While the latter is a hell of a song, it was "Pardon Me" that made me a fan with it's driving vocals, turntable scratches, powerful lyrics, and raw the aggression when the chorus kicked in. While I love all their albums and their progression, this was the record and song that captured that odd blend of alt-rock, funk, metal, and hip hop in one that they were really good at. Hope you dig this tune as much as I do.



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