Stream Demos of Rage Against the Machine’s “Freedom” & “Mindset’s a Threat”

I'm still hopeful that one day we will get a new Rage Against The Machine album, because man this music industry and world needs to be woken up with Zach De La Rocha's sharp wit and Tom Morello's shredding guitar licks, but I doubt this will ever happen. It has also been 20 years since their self-titled debut album came out and the band celebrated that by releasing Rage Against the Machine – XX, a deluxe box set that has early concert footage, their original demo, and recent footage from their June 2010 show in Finsbury Park, UK. Yet, what also surfaced were the original demo versions of their songs "Freedom" and "Mindset's a Threat," which you can now stream below and hear how they originally sounded.

Via CoS



Super fresh. Can't believe this album is twenty years old. Seeing some of that documentary has got me excited for that box set. Self-titled still bites hard to this day and is easily one of my favorite albums.

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