The Top 25 Music Blogs of 2012

Countdown of the 25 Best Music Blogs of 2012

Ah yes, to think it feels like I had done the Top 10 of 2011 only yesterday and it's already almost been a full year. Where the hell did the time go? Anyway, this year I wanted to expand on the list by not only making it a top 25, but to include a screen shot of the respected blogs. My criteria for this is based more for our personal tastes here along with the great content, design, and uniqueness. There are thousands of great blogs out there, so please do not take offense if your blog is not mentioned below, you are all fabulous people who bring good music to the masses. Hell, I probably might not have even discovered yours yet. Also, I could of been narcissistic and put my own blog at numero uno, but I left mine out completely since this is about the other cool bloggers out there. These sites listed below were really a challenge to order, which I almost didn't number, but I think I'm happy with the decisions I went with. Each of these sites not only established themselves with a better presence in 2012, but really upped the quality of what music blogging is about. Check out our list below and make sure to visit these blogs.

25.) Some Kind of Awesome

24.) Fake Shore Drive

23.) We All Want Someone To Shout For

22.) Ruby Hornet

21.) We Listen For You

20.) Good Music All Day

19.) Live for the Funk

18.) Yours Truly

17.) Prefix

16.) Beats Per Minute

15.) Sunset in the Rearview

14.) 2DopeBoyz

13.) Mostly Junkfood

12.) The Music Ninja

11.) Hypetrak

10.) Gorilla vs. Bear

9.) Listen Before You Buy

8.) Pretty Much Amazing

7.) Consequence of Sound

6.) Illroots

5.) The Needle Drop

4.) Earmilk

3.) Indie Shuffle

2.) Potholes in My Blog

1.) Pigeons & Planes

Pigeons and Planes has been a favorite since I hopped in this blog game in 2010, but since then they have pushed the envelope with a new redesign (I believe in 2011), more unique writing, and of course delivered more content than ever before. I like multiple genres and it is where these guys succeed, but then they also sprinkle in some great interviews and feature pieces that make it more than just an MP3 blog. Shout outs to Confusion for reppin' blogs the right way.


Pigeon and planes deserve to be number one!

Indeed! All these blogs are great however.

I agree with Jamarcus hahah. Didn't see some of my faves. The solid is pretty solid though

great list....which is a great resource. is another one I really like.

you guys should give a look!

Fist In The Air deserves some cred.

A newer one is

Pretty unique

This list is missing


Please explain how they all suck? Not only do you not have one yourself, probably couldn't, but you stayed anonymous like a true internet troll.

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