Unsigned Friday: Back to the Action

We are Back to the Action:
Donovan O'Rourke- lead vox/synth
Jim Schin- drums
Ryan Schin-guitar/vox
Patrick Williams- guitar/beards
Marc Vollo- bass

What? High energy, pop punk with shredding guitar riffs, sweet beards, swooshy hair and of course, whiskey.

When? Back to the Action started to form early 2012, until our line up was complete May 2012. Our first demo release went live in July and we played our first show in August.

Where? Bethlehem, Pa; Birth place of sweet 8 lb 9 oz newborn baby jesus. Shake and Bake!

Why? We do this because we love it. We do this because it is our dreams to never have to do anything else except entertain and perform together. We were always told to do what makes you happy, and to follow our dreams.

Our funniest moment: We played a show outside of Philly at a club called Warehouse 24. After our set, we walk around and talk with the crowd, and to get our name out there, we hand out little pins with our name on them. We walk up to this one kid, talk to him for a minute, he takes his pin and unprovoked, decides he is going to pierce his nipple with it. We got it all on video, and are waiting to exploit him on Youtube.

Our biggest accomplishment so far: We submitted a video to open up for Sum 41 in our hometown- THEY PICKED US to be the local opener for the show in Allentown. We are stoked for this opportunity and excited to play our biggest show to date.

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