Video: The Weeknd - "The Zone" ft. Drake

Not only did The Weeknd premiere two new tracks in full this week, he then gave out a teaser for an upcoming video for "The Zone" off his Thursday mixtape. Yet, he realized this was another perfect opportunity to build on his buzz so last night he released the full visual, which he directed himself. We find the crooner singing in a warehouse with scenes of a blonde female on the wall behind him. These dark clips then turn into bright ones of a lingerie-wearing female doing her makeup with a bottle all to herself. She of course is in a room full of multi-colored balloons, a theme that Tesfaye has kept since his debut tape, House of Balloons. Drake's verse then comes in, but this time in the middle of the song instead of at the end like the original and the video switches up a bit. Watch to find out more.



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