Five Minute Pop Promo - Brand New Adults EP (Stream)

So those of you who checked out the first half of my top albums list were probably wondering who this Five Minute Pop Promo is. Well, I heard about them earlier this year through a friend of the band, and decided to check out their soundcloud. At the time this EP wasn't out, but I was really impressed with tracks they had up. When I saw that they had a new EP available on iTunes, I figured it was definitely worth checking out. I gave it a listen a few weeks ago and was completely blown away by these new songs. I'm usually not a fan of folk music, but FMPP won me over with their very pop-oriented folk songs. The production on the EP is excellent and every song is very catchy with fun lyrics that seem to share the theme of feeling out of touch with the times.

The band is a trio made up of David Roman, Tom Baker and Simon Caton and they hail from London. The three share songwriting duties pretty equally and take turns singing lead. Fun fact: Simon is also involved with Four Floors Of Whores who released this excellent Tame Impala remix/mash-up which I can now say is one of my favorite tracks of the year. Now, check out the Brand New Adults EP below and see why I liked it enough to put it in my top 50.

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