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I've recently gone back through music that I listened to heavily in the mid 2000's, which I've mentioned before in a few posts now. One that I mentioned was alt/indie/rock band from Long Island, Brand New. The group has been around for awhile now, but initially they started out as a mix of pop/punk and emo, but after two albums they grew into a much deeper range. Sure, it alienated some original fans and helped them gain new ones, but with me I love their earlier pop/punk roots just as much as their more intricate sound of songs like 2006's "Sowing Season (Yeah)."

The song starts off incredibly subtle and relaxed with a light guitar strumming. The intensity slowly builds and the guitar picks up.Then at 1:03, the band explodes with a loud "Yeah!" the drums kick in heavy and the guitar takes off. Yet as quickly as that build up happens, they bring it back down a notch only to increase the intensity again. This up and down brings such raw emotion to the song and to the lyrics, that I remembered instantly why I fell in love with this song back then.

This song is on their record, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me one of my favorite albums of all time. Yes, all time and "Sowing Season (Yeah)" plays a huge part in that. Yet, the whole record from beginning to end features excellent songs woven perfectly together by the band who showed tremendous growth. This record really was the first time their sound started to evolve and unlike many bands, they pulled it off. If you are new to this song, I recommend turning your speakers up or grabbing a pair of headphones and really listening to this a few times, because it will make you feel numerous things. And if you already know this song and like it, then just hit play and enjoy once more.



Nice write-up, man! Love this song. I still remember the first time I listened to it and the "YEAH!" scared the shit out of me haha.

Haha thanks man, I'm revisiting all of Brand New's music again

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