#NP: Rebelution - "Feeling Alright"

Well, here in Pennsylvania we got another what seems to be about 3 or 4 inches of snow so it has been a pretty relaxing and uneventful day. However, this allowed me to dive back into my music collection and tune out the world as the snow flakes fall. For those of you who do not know or read before, I'm a pretty big reggae fan. Not sure where my inclination towards it came from, but something about the groove and overall vibes of the genre stuck with me. One of the best reggae roots bands currently in the scene and also one of the more popular without mainstream recognition is Rebelution.

I first discovered these guys randomly on iTunes, which was how I used to find a lot of stuff before I jumped into the world of music blogs. I think I was checking some new Slightly Stoopid tracks at the time and Rebelution appeared as similar, or something I might also like. I clicked it and the first song I listened to was "Feeling Alright" off their 2007 album Courage to Grow. I was hooked on the lyrics, the chill groove, and the unique somewhat nasally vocals. If there is one song to make you feel good or for those toker's out there who like something mellow, this is the song. Even after 5, going on 6 years old now, the song still is one of their instant classics. While I recommend the entire album and pretty much every tune they created, "Feeling Alright" is one to remember.



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