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Manny G is a rapper/producer/singer from upstate New York who really shows some promise.  His debut mixtape, Expect The Unexpected, made its way into my email a few days ago and I've been listening ever since.  Manny G (real name Manny Georges) is a versatile artist.  His rapping style alone varies a lot from track to track.  Depending what kind of beat he's on, he can rap slow and stoned--"That Loud (Mr SmokedOut)", "Shades On (Mr IDGAF)" and "Budzwizer"-- or he can flow with energy and speed--"Runaway", "A Dollar And Plenty Dreams" and "Stop Me (Mr OhSoReal)".  And while he's no D'Angelo, when he sings on the hooks of a lot of these songs he sounds good, especially on the romantic "All I Got Is You (Mr Lover)" which ingeniously samples John Mayer.  Oh, and did I mention he also produced and mastered the whole mixtape himself?

Talking about Expect The Unexpected, Manny said: "It started with me just messing around with my music software and making beats.  Eventually, I bought a mic and, just for fun, would start making songs. My brother, who is featured on the song "State Of The Art", told me to continue making music [because] I had potential. When I got to college, I met up with my friend, KDS, who is featured on "Live It Up", and he told me the same thing.  The funny thing was other people would take me as a joke.  So I put my energy into it and gave it all I have.  I named the project "Expect The Unexpected" for two reasons: 1) For the people who doubted me and 2) for the things that happen in everyday life that people neglect to notice, just like at the end of "Stop Me". The song "Runaway" was for me battling my emotions about giving up music and [choosing not to].  I hope people can stick to what ever they want to do in life and be happy.  The names in parenthesis are somewhat of personalities that I have.  No, I'm not skitzo, but I feel everyone has their moods.  So I just make songs depending on moods.  I don't want to be boxed in with my creativity.  I want people to really say they don't know what to expect next from me."

Manny G doesn't have a big following like other artists we've sponsored, but we chose to give him a chance because we believe he has potential too.  This mixtape, while it doesn't sound like a professionally produced album, is very good and definitely worth your time.  It has the very real vibe of someone cooped up in their room, putting all their time into the music until it is perfect.  We look forward to hearing more from Manny and watching his growth as an artist.

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