The Sea Around Us - "Bull From The Sea"

Download The Sea Around Us's single "Bull From the Sea"

I always have to give some shout outs to any interesting Philly based bands that come my way and this time I received an email from The Sea Around Us who make progressive indie-pop. Their band name comes from the 1951 bestselling book by Rachel Carson and the way they personally describe their recent album they recorded has got me very interested: "...features a lot of epic sounds, intricate vocal harmonies, great guitar work, and lyrics about the human condition, our relation to each other and the environment." And after listening to the song "Bull From the Sea," I totally agree with that statement. Their album they will independently release and it is called, Amor Fati, which is due for early spring 2013. You can stream and download the first taste of the record below, a 6 minute epic track.



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