Unsigned Friday: Outerattik

Learn about producer Outerattik

I'll be the first to admit, I'm slacking heavy on all the Unsigned Friday submissions. They tend to pile up and then I have to go through each one to see if anyone followed directions, if the music is at least semi-interesting, etc. I had over 50 submissions in the past two months, so I promise if you submitted I'm getting to it. Today I have a producer from the UK named Outerattik, learn about him below.

Who: Outerattik is my acid jazz moniker. My real name is Jamie Smith. The name Outerattik is inspired by my parents' attic, where I first discovered music through their vinyl collection. The attic is also a part of the anatomy of the middle ear; I liked the subtle sonic connotations it had.

What: Kind of downtempo nu-jazz, mixed with a bit of hip hop and glo-fi.

When: I finished Attic EP in the spring of 2012 and released the follow-up track Who Are Your People? in August.

Where: Edinburgh, Scotland.

Why: I formed Outerattik as a solo project so I could write and produce music with complete creative freedom and control.

Biggest moment: Having blogs feature the EP and single. I wasn't sure any blogs would be interested so it's been awesome that a good few of them have been.

Connect with Outerattik: Facebook | Twitter | Website


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