Video: Krewella - "Alive"

Typically, I have not written or posted a whole lot of EDM, but there have been a few jams lately that are getting me more into the scene. Krewella is a trio that hail from Chicago and their latest video for "Alive" needs to be shared for a few reasons.
  • One: I have a major crush on Jahan Yousaf (long hair) and her sister Yasmine Yousaf.
  • Two: Their music is very poppy on top of the electronic sounds, but are incredibly catchy.
  • Three: These two along with member Rain Man know how to party and to get the listener to jump around.
Now, the new video shows the group in an abandoned, graffiti-heavy house/building, with some others just raging out. Watch below and Jahan please marry me.



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