When I was a boy I would dance, free into the morning light, alongside 80's tracks. Post-College me stumbles upon BL/\CK CEILING. I am thrilled to be hooked back into the nostalgic tune, which the moniker has apparently mastered (amongst other things).

"P L E ▲ S E / P W R G L V E" feels like I am on shrooms. And, stuck in a haunting 1983 sitcom. It romanticizes me with an exploited, old school, singer stereotype. Then, slaps me in the face with bass/synth driven glory.

"VEILS" is a fantasy voyage, of sorts, with enough bounce and rhythm to put many hip-hop instrumentals to shame.
Last, but certainly not least, "▲LTER" revolves around an engaging tick tock that consistently gets layered upon with more hard-hitting samples (especially muttered vocals).


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