As I Am - "You Know" & "No Limit"

Last week, the anonymous experimental electronic artist As I Am posted a couple new songs to download on his soundcloud. As per the artist's usual style, the tracks are completely crazy and unlike anything you've ever heard before. You really never know what you're getting with As I Am, except that it will be very unique and usually quite good. The song "No Limit" marks a special occasion for him, however, as it is his first with vocals since renaming the project. It's the first song, unless you count his remix of Jay Electronica's "Dear Moleskine" back when it was Big Two-Hearted, to feature clear, intelligible lyrics. Whoever he is, As I Am has never had his voice this far upfront in a song. The song is an ambient spoken word jam in 7/8's time, with percussion and synths flying all over the place. As I Am seems to be talking about unleashing his inner power as a person and artist, and many other things. It's a fittingly mysterious vocal introduction to a mysterious artist.

The other song, "You Know", is a bit of a different story. It is more straightforward, beat-based, and samples Gang Starr's "JFK 2 Lax". It's interesting to hear how As I Am incorporates these samples (sampling is another first for him) into his unique sound-world in this densely layered track. Listen to and download these two songs below.

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