Azealia Banks - "No Problems"

Stream Azealia Banks and her new song "No Problems"

Wasting no time, Azealia Banks released another new song called "No Problems," produced by a familiar name she has worked with before, MachineDrum. Just the other day Banks released a new cut called "BBD," but now that we are getting closer to her debut album we can expect more music. This one keeps her fast pace flow over a bouncy beat, something we've come to expect with her music. Yet, the formula is working and if you enjoyed her other stuff, you'll love this. But this also serves as her rebuttal to Angel Haze who released a diss song called "On the Edge" yesterday after they had a Twitter war. As far as I'm concerned these "beefs" are stupid and a waste of time, but occasionally we get some interesting music out of it.



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