Dirty Beaches - "Love Is The Devil"

Dirty Beaches photo by Leigh Ann Hines

Alex Zhang Tai, who makes experimental music that sometimes evokes Elvis Presley, under the moniker Dirty Beaches, will be following up his 2011 debut Badlands this May with the double LP Drifters/Love Is The Devil. In preparation for the release Tai leaked the 1/2 title track from the album.

I really enjoyed Badlands for its dark and cinematic feel. Tai has said that David Lynch is a big influence in his music and that definitely showed in Badlands. It had the unmistakable Lynchian trait where it evoked a disturbing feeling that cannot be properly described with words. I felt like as I listened to that album that there was a movie that was written with it, but the movie was only in my unconscious mind. Anyway, when I saw Dirty Beaches perform at the Pitchfork Music Festival--great times :)--he played a lot of new instrumental pieces. So it didn't surprise me that this track was an all instrumental drone that is more ambient than any of his other material. It still has the Dirty Beaches/Lynchian vibe. You'll know what I mean as soon as I hear it.



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