DJ Shadow - "All Basses Covered (The Infamous South Beach Set, December 2012)"

If you didn't hear about it, last month, instrumental hip hop pioneer DJ Shadow got kicked off stage at the Miami nightclub Mansion, basically for his set being too experimental. The club promoter's now famous (or infamous) quote to the crowd, "This shit too future for y'all" has become the slogan for this mix which has now been uploaded to soundcloud for all to hear and make their own judgments. Is it too "future"? My opinion is no, absolutely not. It is one of the craziest pieces of music I've heard in awhile, and I love it. Maybe I'm weird though. Listen to the mix, which is like a black hole sucking in "everything, yeah" being made currently in underground electronic and hip hop into one unidentifiable mass, below.

(via Consequence of Sound)


Statement from Dj Shadow's Team that was posted with the mix:
Beginning in the Summer of 2012 with his Low End Theory guest spots, DJ Shadow's "All Basses Covered" set has morphed and evolved to incorporate as many different contemporary genres of urban and electronic music as possible. From hardcore rap to footwork and juke and beyond, Shadow has combed the web to curate seamless and dexterous blends of the most progressive sounds bubbling up from the underground. 'Too hard?' 'Too future?' Or just too raw? As always, DJ Shadow has provoked crucial flashpoints of discussion about the discipline of DJ'ing that have defined our turbulent times. Team


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