Trails and Ways - Detornar-se (Remix EP)

Listen to Detornar-se Remix EP from Trails and Ways

In 2012, I was introduced to California band Trails and Ways and enjoyed much of their singles they released, which are all leading up to their debut LP Trilingual, due out sometime in 2013. Yet, along the way, beside their originals doing very well on Hypem, they had released a few remixes of their tunes that also ended up at the top of Hypem charts, helping catapult them into some serious buzz.

Now before we get their debut record, they let out a remix EP called Detornar-se, featuring 8 tracks of beat-heavy jams that really all sound great. The project turned out well and for me, it is saying a lot as I'm not the biggest fan of remix albums usually. Stream it below and get it on their website right here.



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