Video: Beach House - "New Year"

Happy New Year everyone! Hard to believe, but it is now 2013. Man, 2012 just flew by. Here's to an excellent new year that's better than the previous one in every way. Now, while you all are trying shake off your hangovers, enjoy this wonderful little video that Beach House shared with their fans on twitter a few hours ago. The video is for their song "New Year" (of course!) from their magnificent fourth album Bloom, my number one album of last year and Todd's number 39. You already know the song is good, as is every song on Bloom, but the video is awesome as well.

I haven't been a huge fan of the videos BH released this past year, but this one I'm liking quite a bit. It is made up entirely of footage from their time at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas recording Bloom and, as the description says, it's more of a home movie than a music video. But really, it's a pretty good music video. The editing is done really well and there's some very mysterious imagery (and cool time lapses!) mixed in with footage of vocalist/keyboardist Victoria Legrand, guitarist/drum programmer Alex Scally and live drummer Daniel Franz hanging out and having fun in and out of the studio. The fun and nostalgic nature of the video works really well with this song and it's just a great way for BH fans to start out the new year. Watch it below.



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