Wavves - "Demon to Lean On"

Wavves frontman Nathan Williams announced more details about their new record, including the record title, Afraid of Heights, the tracklist, and the March 26th release date. Yet, he also shared another tune called "Demon to Lean On," which follows their track "Sail to the Sun."The track turns down the aggression, but it still keeps that garage sound that you'll enjoy. Stream the song and check out the tracklist below.


Afraid of Heights Tracklist:
01. Sail to the Sun
02. Demon to Lean On
03. Mystic
04. Lunge Forward
05. Dog
06. Afraid of Heights
07. Paranoid
08. Cop
09. Beat Me Up
10. Everyhting Is My Fault
11. That’s On Me
12. Gimme a Knife
13. I Can’t Dream
14. Hippies Is Punks (iTunes Bonus)


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