A Few Things Regarding Oh So Fresh! Music Blog

So we are already over a month into 2013 and I've had a few things on my mind with this site. I've come close to quitting, I've contemplated slowing down and posting less, hell I almost changed what the site was going to be about. But after thinking this through, I've come to far with it in just over 2 years of its existence. Sure, there are plenty of blogs that dominate us in traffic and are doing the blog game better than I, but considering I am basically the only one posting (shout out to Dan for still sticking with me all this time, although he has been really busy and had to slow down), running emails, and handling all social media, besides my full time is well, fucking exhausting. Yet, I feel there is something great here and I love finding, sharing, and posting music way too much to give up. So where am I going with this?

Calling All Writers:
While we have had a writer or two besides Dan stick around for a bit, most bailed within two weeks and it is frustrating setting people up and then that happening. I would like to find 2-3 writers who love music as much as us and would like to be a part of the team, plus will stick around for a few months at least. If you have any desire or know anyone who might be interested, have them email us ASAP. We want people as passionate as Dan and I, plus are well-rounded in music genres and can help market our brand out as well.

Calling All PR, Labels, Managers, or Artists:
One thing that I've been wanting to dive in more is sponsorship. We have sponsored a few mixtapes, but would love to do more of that. Yet, not even just mixtapes, I would like to start sponsoring shows, or tours. What that basically entails is our logo and name on the fliers, but we will help promote on our social networks, blog posts, and spots on the home page for it to help draw attention. This also brings me to another aspect, we would also enjoy premiering any new songs or videos from you guys, again we've done a few but would be interested in a lot more. If any of this interests you and you would like to work something out, please email us. **Remember though we also have to like your music, we are not going to just post every thing we get, we want to promote what we love.**

It's been a hell of a journey over these two years and I've seen other bloggers from the same start as us quit, maybe not do as well as us, or even do way better than us, but I feel there is too much potential yet to give up right now. I know we are reaching a bigger audience and being noticed by some industry people, which is always cool. Traffic might be a frustrating thing, but I'm learning not to dwell on it and to have fun blogging. I still feel excited about music and blogging, and that is what matters to me.


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