#NP: Azad Right - "I Luv the Way You Taste"

Now Playing "I Luv the Way You Taste" by Azad Right

While I recently did a post Azad Right's "I Luv the Way You Taste" just a few days ago (here), I've been hooked ever since. The smooth delivery, the sexual tension about his desire for this woman, and the beat that was produced by Shlohmo collectively form together a song that is irresistible. Oh sure, it has some profanity and some highly sexual imagery, but while it can have mild raunchy and upfront lyrics, Azad finds a way that will have any woman swooning over it.  It's one of those songs that might be highly appropriate on the upcoming holiday (yes fellas Valentine's Day, don't forget). So after you treat that someone special to a nice day full of surprises go and light some candles, dim the lights, and pop on "I Luv the Way You Taste" in your night time playlist.



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