#NP: Sid Sriram - "We All Try" (Frank Ocean Cover)

Have you ever been moved by a song so much that you can't help but constantly replay it over and over? It's a feeling as a huge music buff that happens to me quite often and singer/songwriter Sid Sriram's cover of Frank Ocean's "We All Try" is one of those tunes that gets me every time. At the time Sriram did this live cover, I was only recently introduced to the powerful singer who not only was releasing original material, but knocking out home runs with covers, like this one.

I had originally posted this back in June 2011, but I recently decided to revisit the song/video for a #NP post. And just like that first time I heard Sriram's version, I couldn't help but replay it 4 times in a row. Now I of course love Frank Ocean and the emotion behind the lyrics, yet for some reason Sid's vocals connect with me more on his cover. I think the combination of the great piano work by Doc Skim, the raw and unedited vocals of Sriram, plus the meaning of Ocean's lyrics just work together to create the ultimate 3:50 minute experience. If you are not familiar with this kid, certainly watch the clip below a few times like myself and be prepared to get lost in the music.



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