Ricky Hil - SYLDD (Album)

Ricky Hil is a complicated character for me when it comes to music. Yes, he is the song of fashion mogul Tommy Hillfiger, but to me it was never about that. I could never take him quite serious on some of his rap songs, but on his debut album SYLDD, he blends in soul, R&B, and hip hip. These combinations and slick production actually surprised me a lot and I found myself enjoying the majority of these songs. What else is cool is that Ricky Hil waited no time for his label to get this out to fans, so he took it upon himself to release this on the day he initially promised.

You'll find 11 tracks produced by Illangelo, Blended Babies and Ricky Hil himself. You'll even notice there is an enticing track featuring The Weeknd, which is really good. I'm still not sure how I take when he raps, but the scratchy crooning works incredibly well over these beats, something I think he should keep exploring. I enjoyed what he had to offer over with these hazed out sounds and I think you will too. You can stream and download below.

Via Noisey



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